Where Is Your Mind In All This?

Even I tend to get a little too focused on the number on the scale at times.

Good friends remind me that I need to be happy on the inside with myself.

I usually give them a scrunched up face in return, basically saying I don’t want to go there, but really, they’re right.


It’s just so easy to say that when you’re actually happy with your body.  Like this gal (see above).  She looks so at peace, not just because she’s in some awesome field, doing an awesome stretch, and soaking up some awesome sun- it’s also because she’s a MODEL, a THIN model.  But I digress.

So going forward I am attempting to put more effort and thought into finding mental happiness with myself and my body, within about a 5 lb range or so…..

Books I plan to read:

Being:  Your Happiness, Pleasure, and Contentment

Wellbeing:  The Five Essential Elements

The Happiness Diet

Miss Piggy’s Guide to Life (just kidding on that one- then again, maybe that lady has some sage advice….)