It Worked! Still in Disbelief

So I’m still pinching myself (what’s left of me anyway!) ;0

I did end up trying the hCG diet and I have to stay- there isn’t anything I can think of to beat it.  I totally lost the weight that I was looking to lose (although it did take a little longer than I thought it would- still faster than any other diet I’ve tried though).

But it wasn’t easy and also just understanding all the rules and stuff was confusing as heck!  This gal that I originally found on youtube has literally the best explanations of everything hCG diet related, so if you decide to do this diet, you should definitely read her stuff.  Just her before and after hCG pics are amazing.  It really helped inspire me to make the final decision to try it.

I mentioned it before too, but she has a really great page comparing and contrasting your choices for buying hCG injections online which was nice to hear from someone outside of the companies themselves.

I’m hoping I can keep it off- so far so good, which is encouraging.