Latest Craze- hCG Injections- Is It Something to Go Crazy Over?

Hello girls!

I have something almost a little over the top today.  I say that because it’s one of those sounds-too-good-to-be-true things, yet after further research, it really does appear to be super good, and super true!

The hCG Diet.  Heard of it?  I heard about it some time back but dismissed it as soon as I heard the phrase 500 calories.  Insane I thought.  Nuts.  I was forced to revisit the idea however recently when a girlfriend of mine did the diet herself using hCG Injections and started buying size 6 jeans again after living in size 12’s for the last few years.  I still wasn’t totally convinced- I mean anyone can lose weight right?  It’s keeping it off that counts right?

Well, she did.  Keep it off I mean.  It’s already been over 6 months and she’s still shopping the size 6 dress rack.  In my research it has come to my obvious attention that where you get your hCG really matters.  I’d stick only with the injections myself (if I decide to do the diet….which it looks like it’s heading that way), and use a source that’s high quality and trustworthy.  This is the best source I’ve found so far for comparing sources for hCG:  hCG Injections

Who Doesn't Like Apples?

I hope to be reporting back to you girls in a few months time with the same old me, just maybe a few sizes smaller. 😉