Trying to Exercise More….

There’s a myth in the weightloss community that exercise can help you lose weight.

Exercise is good for a LOT of things.

But in general I don’t really believe weightloss is one of them.

Say you jog on the treadmill for a half hour- you can burn about 300 calories doing that (depending on how much you weigh).  If go home and eat 1 piece of chocolate cake, I’m back at square one again.

In all reality, reducing and changing your food intake will do a lot more for your actual size than exercise.

That doesn’t make exercise not worth it though.

Running woman

4 Things Exercise is good for:

  1. Endorphins (which makes you happy!)
  2. Getting a more curvaceous pleasing shape (if you lift weights)
  3. Overall better mental clarity and peace
  4. Better motivation to stick to a diet

I’m trying to exercise more for reason #3 and #4.  I just find on the days that I do workout, I feel more motivated to make good eating choices.  On the days I get lazy and skip it, I find myself feeling like it doesn’t really matter what I eat and what’s the point?  I also really like the clear-headed feeling I get after I finish a workout.

So please don’t run for half hour and get mad when you don’t lose 10 lbs, but use it as an add on to keep you happy and motivated.