It Worked! Still in Disbelief

So I’m still pinching myself (what’s left of me anyway!) ;0

I did end up trying the hCG diet and I have to stay- there isn’t anything I can think of to beat it.  I totally lost the weight that I was looking to lose (although it did take a little longer than I thought it would- still faster than any other diet I’ve tried though).

But it wasn’t easy and also just understanding all the rules and stuff was confusing as heck!  This gal that I originally found on youtube has literally the best explanations of everything hCG diet related, so if you decide to do this diet, you should definitely read her stuff.  Just her before and after hCG pics are amazing.  It really helped inspire me to make the final decision to try it.

I mentioned it before too, but she has a really great page comparing and contrasting your choices for buying hCG injections online which was nice to hear from someone outside of the companies themselves.

I’m hoping I can keep it off- so far so good, which is encouraging.


Latest Craze- hCG Injections- Is It Something to Go Crazy Over?

Hello girls!

I have something almost a little over the top today.  I say that because it’s one of those sounds-too-good-to-be-true things, yet after further research, it really does appear to be super good, and super true!

The hCG Diet.  Heard of it?  I heard about it some time back but dismissed it as soon as I heard the phrase 500 calories.  Insane I thought.  Nuts.  I was forced to revisit the idea however recently when a girlfriend of mine did the diet herself using hCG Injections and started buying size 6 jeans again after living in size 12’s for the last few years.  I still wasn’t totally convinced- I mean anyone can lose weight right?  It’s keeping it off that counts right?

Well, she did.  Keep it off I mean.  It’s already been over 6 months and she’s still shopping the size 6 dress rack.  In my research it has come to my obvious attention that where you get your hCG really matters.  I’d stick only with the injections myself (if I decide to do the diet….which it looks like it’s heading that way), and use a source that’s high quality and trustworthy.  This is the best source I’ve found so far for comparing sources for hCG:  hCG Injections

Who Doesn't Like Apples?

I hope to be reporting back to you girls in a few months time with the same old me, just maybe a few sizes smaller. 😉

Trying to Exercise More….

There’s a myth in the weightloss community that exercise can help you lose weight.

Exercise is good for a LOT of things.

But in general I don’t really believe weightloss is one of them.

Say you jog on the treadmill for a half hour- you can burn about 300 calories doing that (depending on how much you weigh).  If go home and eat 1 piece of chocolate cake, I’m back at square one again.

In all reality, reducing and changing your food intake will do a lot more for your actual size than exercise.

That doesn’t make exercise not worth it though.

Running woman

4 Things Exercise is good for:

  1. Endorphins (which makes you happy!)
  2. Getting a more curvaceous pleasing shape (if you lift weights)
  3. Overall better mental clarity and peace
  4. Better motivation to stick to a diet

I’m trying to exercise more for reason #3 and #4.  I just find on the days that I do workout, I feel more motivated to make good eating choices.  On the days I get lazy and skip it, I find myself feeling like it doesn’t really matter what I eat and what’s the point?  I also really like the clear-headed feeling I get after I finish a workout.

So please don’t run for half hour and get mad when you don’t lose 10 lbs, but use it as an add on to keep you happy and motivated.